Oral argument of the day: Sirona Dental Systems v. Institut Strauman AG, et al.

The oral argument of the day is from SIRONA DENTAL SYS. v. Institut Straumann AG, 892 F.3d 1349 (Fed. Cir. 2018).   I thought this oral argument was interesting for the comments by Judge Moore about the property rights conveyed by a patent and the potential due process rights of the patentee.  It is also interesting for her comments about the rights of a patent challenger in an IPR to be heard with respect to a Board’s proposed combination of references applied to an amended claim (perhaps about 7/9ths through the oral argument).  Note that the oral argument took place in February of 2018 — before the Oil States decision by the Supreme Court.

Sorry, I don’t have time to splice out the particular sound bites on this one.

You can listen to the oral argument here:


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