Is the key to a patent eligibility change a transfer of power?

I am never too sure how much power a Chief Judge of an appellate court actually wields. However, it is interesting to note that Chief Judge Prost turns 70 on May 24, 2021 — just shy of her seventh anniversary as Chief Judge (May 30, 2021). The rules state that a judge shall serve as Chief Judge no longer than seven years nor past the age of 70. Therefore, the next Chief Judge will be Judge Moore. It will be interesting to see if the change in Chief Judge produces a better consensus on the court in the law of patent eligibility. One can hope.

It will also be interesting to see if the Federal Circuit renews its efforts to invite district court judges, retired Supreme Court justices, and retired Federal Circuit judges to sit by designation with the Federal Circuit. Chief Judge Michel seemed to encourage the former; but, I think that effort has waned since his tenure.

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