Have robe, will travel

The judges of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit are  a hard-working lot.  Despite being short-handed by  one – three circuit judges during the year, they have been sitting by designation in other circuits in addition to shouldering their normal workload.  So far this year, the judges have sat by designation as shown below:

Judge Lourie     Third Circuit     February 25-26

C.J. Michel*         Third Circuit      March 8-9

Judge Friedman   Ninth Circuit     April 4-8

Judge Archer     Ninth Circuit      April 15-16

Judge Rader**      Fifth Circuit      April 26-30

Judge Moore       Fifth Circuit       May 10-14

Judge Clevenger  Eighth Circuit     June 14-16

Judge Gajarsa      First Circuit       July 26-27

Judge Dyk         First Circuit        July 28-29.


*Now retired (but still working hard)

** Now Chief Judge

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