David Kappos’ Testimony Before House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property


David Kappos testified before the House Subcommitte on Intellectual Property last week in a hearing entitled “How an Improved U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Can Create Jobs.”  You can watch his testimony here.  The House had to stand in recess during the hearing in order to vote on the House floor.  So, the first video shows the first part of the hearing and the second video shows the second part.  Mr. Kappos’ written statement is available here: [Link].  

At about the 27 minute mark into the second video, Mr. Kappos comments that in a matter of days the PTO is going to publish new rules in the Federal Register for the PTO’s Track I examination program.  That program would guarantee a first office action within 3 months and a decision on patentability/grant within 12 months.  The fee would be $4,000 (with no small entity break, given the PTO’s current limitations on fee setting authority).

If you have difficulty viewing the clips below, you might try this link for the full video: [Link].

Video 1

Video 2

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