Video of Former Chief Judge Michel’s Testimony at House Subcommittee Hearing

The Honorable Paul Michel, former Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, testified before the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property last Friday. You can watch the video of the hearing below. Chief Judge Michel makes his opening statement at about the 34 minute mark of the video with subsequent questioning by the subcommittee members.

For easy reference, he addresses the following issues at the following time marks:

Hiring/Experienced Examiners 44:55
Post Grant 49:15
Post Grant/Reexamination 56:36
First to File 59:34
Fee Diversion/Fairness 1:06:32
Post Grant 1:11:33
Job Creation/Billion Dollar Bolus 1:17:20
Electronics/Software — Biotech Division 1:20:30
First to File 1:26:54
Outsourcing/Hiring 1:41:30
Third Party Submission of Prior Art 1:48:42
Reduction of Funding to 2008 Level/Codifying Legal Decisions 1:51:35

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