Federal Circuit to Sit in Colorado in Fall of 2012

Each fall the Federal Circuit usually visits a city across the country to hold session and hear oral arguments.  You might recall that last fall the court sat in Atlanta.  I suspect that Chief Judge Rader will announce in his State of the Court address next week where the court will be sitting this fall.  As for the fall of 2012, I understand that the court will be sitting in Denver/Boulder. 

If you are interested in hosting the court in your city some year, you might want to contact some of the organizers of Colorado’s invitation effort in order to better understand the invitation process.  You could contact Mike Drapkin, an adjunct professor with the University of Colorado Law School and a patent attorney at Holland and Hart, LLP or John Posthumus, Chair of the IP Section of the Colorado Bar Association and a patent attorney at Sheridan Ross, P.C.

In its early years, the court visited more than one city each year.  You can review the list here to see the last time that the court held an out of Washington, D.C. session in your city:   [List].

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