USPTO Public Training Portal

The USPTO has a new public training portal that allows the public to view training courses similar to the courses that examiners take.  The home page states:

The USPTO Training Portal offers, via webcast, the same classes that USPTO patent and trademark examiners are required to take. The U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIS, in agreement with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, introduces the USPTO Training Portal!

The patent process is not simple. There are numerous scientific and legal issues to navigate, not to mention specific language and techniques that can help or hurt your application. You may not know all the ins and outs, but the patent examiner does. Why? Because the examiner has specialized training!

Now you can take the same courses as the examiners!

Some of the courses are available for a nominal fee. Others are free.  You can check out the site here: [Link].

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