Director Kappos Testifying Before Congress on Prior User Rights

The Honorable David Kappos is testifying before the House Subcommittee on the Judiciary today in a hearing titled “Prior User Rights: Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing and Innovation.”  Other notable witnesses testifying are Bob Armitage (General Counsel of Eli Lilly and Co.), Dennis Crouch (needs no introduction), Dan Lang (Vice President for Intellectual Property at Cisco Systems), and Dr. John C. Long (Vice President of Assoc. of American Universities).

You can watch the hearing [here].

You can view the speakers’ written statements at this [link] by selecting each speaker’s name.

Interesting to note that the Federal Circuit recently granted en banc review of an intervening rights case but without supplemental briefing by the parties or oral argument.  Amicus briefs are allowed and due by February 10th.  So, to the extent any relevant issues are raised by these hearings, they will have to be brought to the attention of the court by the amici rather than the parties.

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