Federal Circuit Judges Audio Key

I have added an “audio key” to the blog that attempts to provide a representative sound bite of each judge’s voice.  Hopefully, this will help people identify a particular judge when listening to recordings of oral arguments.  You’ll see the link to the audio key on the upper right hand portion of the site.

If you are curious which judge is speaking during an oral argument recording, my suggestion is to:

(1) pull up the decision (usually provided as a link on the web post);

(2) note from the opinion who the judges on the panel are; and

(3) use the following sound bites as an audio key to identify the speaker:

Chief Judge Rader [Listen]

Circuit Judge Newman [Listen]

Circuit Judge Lourie [Listen]

Circuit Judge Bryson [Listen]

Circuit Judge Linn [Listen]

Circuit Judge Dyk [Listen]

Circuit Judge Prost [Listen]

Circuit Judge Moore [Listen]

Circuit Judge O’Malley [Listen]

Circuit Judge Reyna [Listen]

Circuit Judge Wallach [Listen]


Senior Judge Gajarsa [Listen]

Senior Judge Mayer [Listen]

Senior Judge Plager [Listen]

Senior Judge Clevenger [Listen]

Senior Judge Schall [Listen]


Chief Judge Michel (retired) [Listen]


Senior Judge Archer (deceased) [Listen]

Senior Judge Friedman (deceased) [Listen]

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