Mary’s Magic Microscope

I thought this was kind of a fun coincidence with the Myriad case.  The book “Mary’s Magic Microscope” was published in May of 2011.  The book is described as follows:

Mary’s Magic Microscope is the first in a series of books for children of middle-school age. It follows the journey of Mary McDoogle, a 12-year-old girl who finds a magic microscope in her grandpa’s attic that allows her to be transported into the micro world. Here, Mary discovers many new and wonderful adventures. She uses her microscope to fight crime, and help her dad, an FBI chief, capture the Sand Bandit, who stole the precious Star of Africa diamond. Imagine Nancy Drew meeting Alice in Wonderland on a Fantastic Journey. This book provides a unique insight into an amazing new scientific world.

You can order the book at this [Link].  Actor Stacy Keach is one of the co-authors.

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