Odds and Ends

1) The House Committee on Small Business conducted a hearing on the impact of the AIA earlier this month. Patently O’s Dennis Crouch was one of the witnesses. You can see more materials here: [Link].  Small companies develop 16 times more patents per employee than large firms.

2) The Federal Circuit sat en banc last Friday for oral argument in Berry v. Conyers, a merit systems protection board case. You can listen to that oral argument here: [here].

3) The BNA PTCJ ran an interesting article a few weeks ago that might interest readers.  The article addressed three recently issued “informative opinions” by the PTAB that construed “processor” as a means plus function term.  The author of the article is Andy Spence.  You can access the article here [Link].  I’m not sure what the process is for designating a PTAB opinion as an informative opinion, as opposed to a standard opinion.  By happenstance, all three opinions were by five judge panels.

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