Mark Twain and the Federal Circuit

Next door to the Federal Circuit sits a statue of a somber woman in a cowl.  The statue is a replica of a statue that Henry Adams (grandson of President John Quincy Adams) commissioned after the death of his wife.  In 1909, Mark Twain visited the original statue and gave it the nickname “GRIEF.”

The replica — ironically, an unauthorized replica — eventually made its way to the courtyard behind the Dolley Madison House, next door to the Federal Circuit.


If the original was nicknamed “GRIEF,”  what would be a good nickname for the replica?  How about “THE RULE 36 STATUE” or “THE SUPREME COURT WEIGHS IN ON PATENT ELIGIBILITY.”  Maybe “FIRST INVENTOR TO FILE.”

I am somewhat reminded of the dust bowl photograph by “THE RULE 36 STATUE”:




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