Ex Parte Bhogal and Ex Parte Galloway

You probably already read the excellent article “Berkheimer, the Administrative Procedure Act, and PTO Motions to Vacate PTAB § 101 Decisions”  by Doerre and Boundy.

The article references two recent decisions by the PTAB applying Berkheimer.  Copies of those PTAB opinions are available below:

Ex parte Bhogal, appeal no. 2016-008742, (PTAB Mar. 19, 2018)

Ex parte Galloway, appeal no. 2017-004696, (PTAB May 24, 2018).


UPDATE JULY 20, 2018:

Here’s another PTAB decision applying Berkheimer, mentioned in the comments section for the above article:

Ex Parte Young, appeal no. 2017-006731, (PTAB June 29, 2018).


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