If you are like me, you are probably getting tired of typing out “well-understood, routine, conventional activity.”  I suspect a new acronym is coming down the pike one of these days.  “WURCA” seems the obvious choice. “WURACA” if you want to add the grammatically implicit “and.”  Interesting aside, I believe that WURACA was the Aztec god of patent eligibility.

By the way, do you find the recent variations in PHOSITA annoying?  I hear a lot of these variations used during the oral arguments: POSA, POSITA, etc.  I think I might have even seen or heard OOSITA.  Why don’t we just stick with PHOSITA . . . and WURCA.

Acronyms are interesting during oral argument.  The cynic in me is suspicious that at least one of the judges of the Federal Circuit likes to throw around acronyms when a non-patent lawyer is arguing a patent case or a Supreme Court advocate shows up at the Federal Circuit to argue a patent case.  Acronyms or abbreviations like ODP, DOE, and even PHOSITA are tricky ones for the uninitiated.

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