Judge O’Malley Nomination Moved Out of Senate Judiciary Committee to Full Senate

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a vote on Judge Kathleen O’Malley last Thursday during its business meeting.  By voice vote of the committee members, Judge O’Malley’s nomination was approved unanimously by the quorum of senators.  Her nomination will now move to the full Senate for a vote at a later date.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has not yet held a hearing on nominee Edward C. DuMont for a second vacancy on the Federal Circuit. 

A third vacancy still has no nominee from the White House.

During the committee meeting, Chairman Leahy noted that the Federal Circuit currently has three vacancies and that the committee has to “get moving” on the pending nominations.  The D.C. Circuit apparently has four vacancies.

You can watch the webcast of the committee meeting here: [Watch Committee Meeting].  Judge O’Malley’s nomination is discussed at about the 20:49 minute and 46:10 minute marks.

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